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Read on to find out more about what it’s like to work in the Engineering group at Vital.

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A Primer on Vital

Vital was founded by Dr. Justin Schrager, a practicing Emergency Department Physician at Emory University, and Aaron Patzer, former Founder of & VP of Product Innovation at Intuit, about 5 years ago. Since then, Vital has been on a mission to modernize the patient and clinician experiences in emergency rooms by introducing high-quality design, approachable language, and machine learning-powered predictions into the hospitals and clinics, who tend to run archaic pieces of software.

Working at Vital

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No ping pong tables

At Vital, we care deeply about our mission - to create "Beautiful, intelligent software for patients and providers".

We believe this is only achievable by teams that are well-cared for, with a clear sense of purpose, in psychologically safe environments. We found early on that limiting the amount of hours anyone can work, encouraging regular breaks and holidays, and having mandatory closedown periods for recharging had a positive impact in the quality and velocity of our work. When we say “work smarter, not harder”, we truly mean it. This is also reflected in our Code of Conduct, which helps to set the direction for how we work together.

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Distributed and async

From the start, Vital has always been a believer in a remote-friendly working culture.

All employees can choose to work from home, a nearby coworking space, or commute to one of our hubs (we have one in Auckland, NZ and one in New York, US). Every two weeks, on Friday, we cater lunch at our Auckland hub to give distributed employees a chance to catch up in person.

To support this kind of work, we are big believers in asynchronous communication. So much so, that we wrote a blog post about it. If you’re considering a role at Vital, we highly recommend checking out the post.

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Autonomy and trust

Our teams rely heavily on autonomy in order to keep work asynchronous and distributed.

This means you’ll need to demonstrate a good ability to juggle and prioritise your own tasks to accommodate the needs of the organisation. We trust you to do this well, and you can count on the rest of the team to help you master this skill.

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Committed to Engineering Excellence

We constantly aim to provide only the best solutions for you.

From fully-serverless stacks, through high-quality documentation, to continuous delivery pipelines, teams are constantly looking for ways to improve how they work together, and how features and services are deployed.

  • deploy code multiple times a day, safely
  • invest heavily in instrumentation and monitoring of our systems
  • take the time to peer-review code, ideas and processes

A US Company with Global Roots.

Vital is focused on the US healthcare system, with offices across the world including NYC, Chicago, and Auckland. Our team brings together the best of the best, representing places like Great Britain, Brazil, Canada, Belgium, and more.

We have a wide range of opinions, skill sets, and backgrounds - believing that the best ideas come from a diverse team.

The Teams at Vital

Integration Engineering

Integration Engineering

Our customer-facing applications are driven by the streams of data we receive from hospitals. Our Integration team is responsible for ingesting this data from hospital EHR & EMR systems via our Integration Engine, working closely with client IT teams to ensure a high standard of quality.

Data Engineering

Data Engineering

Our Data Engineering team is responsible for the AWS-driven data platform that transforms and augments real-time streams of customer data, allowing internal consumers, such as our Product Data Analysts and Data Scientists, to perform research that informs Machine Learning models or new Product features.

Product Engineering

Product Engineering

Our Product Engineering team delivers experiences for our customers using serverless patterns. They build accessible, mobile-friendly web applications using React, GraphQL, AWS Lambda and DynamoDB that patients use to understand their hospital visit.

Developer Care

Developer Care

The Developer Care Team are engineers serving engineers within Vital. They work with our Engineering teams to ensure they have all that they need to work towards their own goals and requirements, and invest in ensuring our tools and infrastructure are arranged to best serve Vital’s needs.